Genomics & Experimental Medicine

DNA strand

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2001 provided the basis for understanding the contribution of genes to both health and disease.  Our scientists work closely with physicians in almost every specialty to identify genes that can help doctors make better decisions about which tests are needed and which therapies will be useful.  In Cardiology, we’re developing tests that screen gene expression in blood to find patients that have coronary artery disease before it strikes.  In Oncology, our physicians are using state-of-the-art tests to identify which tumors are likely to recur, and which can just be carefully watched, and our scientists are working on the next generation of gene-based tests.  In Infectious Diseases, we’re using the world’s most advanced DNA sequencers to identify the exact type of bacteria that infects a patient.  Genomic Medicine is revolutionizing the quality of information that doctors and patients use to make decisions about their health and their treatment.

Meet Our Faculty



Timothy McCaffrey

Division Director:

Timothy McCaffrey, PhD

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